A North of France Initiative

An initiative of the Nord of France with a European and worldwide reach.

It seemed obvious that this textile recycling valley should be set up in the North of France. This region has a strong textiles tradition and has always been at the forefront of innovation, ahead of its time and influential on the European scene. Still today, there are a number of major producers of household linen and clothing in the region which ranks first (with nearby Belgium) for the production of technical textiles.

With our pronounced taste for innovation and the abundance of expertise to be found in the region, we hope that by 2016 we will be the reference in this sector among other Euro-regions. Another major asset in the region, and more particularly for the textiles sector, is CETI, the European Centre for Innovative Textiles, which can accommodate and assist in the development of collaborative R&D projects.

The Region's key players wish to work hand in hand with their Belgian partners, such as FEDUSTRIA which supports the textiles, wood and furniture businesses, CENTEXBEL, the Technical Centre for R&D and certification, and its universities, both Flemish and Walloon. All these assets, technical, scientific and economic, encouraged by local and national government and Europe, together form a fantastic array of tools for setting up a textiles recycling valley in the region.

The RECYCLING VALLEY aims to be the ambassador for textiles recycling both in France and Europe and all over the world.


Through projects


Co-labelled by TEAM² and UP-tex, the CALAFIL project brings together 7 companies to produce, from their own production waste, new products brought to market by themselves.

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