Core Partners

Logo cd2e  

The cd2e is a team of environmental and business experts dedicated to supporting the environmental sector in Northern France and abroad.

We bring together environmental and business expertise in a "one stop shop" for environmental projects.

We work in partnership with regional development organisations, business support structures, industry peak bodies and international peers.

We deliver specific programs for businesses in the water treatment, energy, eco-construction, eco-materials and waste/recycling sectors.

We add value by clustering diverse organisations (businesses, research bodies, non-for-profits...) according to their expertise and desire to create new solutions.

Logo UPTEX  

UP-tex is the cluster dedicated to advanced textile materials in Nord Pas de Calais that received the government's seal of approval in 2005. UP-tex is focusing on economic development and industrial revival through the emergence and bringing to fruition of R&D projects, and above all, putting these innovations on the market.

The ambition to put textiles at the centre of the materials of the future is now shared by the UP-tex network of 140 organizations, including innovative businesses, both small and large, research laboratories, schools and universities.

Located in the Nord-Pas de Calais and Picardy, in phase with the North of France-Belgian Euro-region, which ranks first in Europe for innovative textiles, the UP-tex cluster aids the development of new products, services and processes that generate value and jobs.

Boosted by its 116 approved projects, 83 of which have been financed from the start, and now equipped with the brand new CETI European Centre for innovative textiles, UP-tex is ramping up its actions, extending its network in France and abroad, fostering innovation, aiding in setting up collaborative R&D projects and developing the growth of businesses and laboratories.

 Logo TEAM2  

Team² (Environmental Technologies Applied to raw and recycled Materials) is a "competitivity cluster", labeled in 2010 by French authorities and located in Lille region in France, working on innovation on life cycle for raw and recycled materials, especially in waste recycling activities.

Great tool for economic growth, catalyzing expertises and competences in research and innovation, Team² plays a part in 3 main themes : Strategic metals and rare earths, Plastics and organics (including composites), Minerals (construction waste, polluted soils and sediments).

Team² integrates all the stakeholders operating in collecting, sorting, and recycling products and materials and aims to :

- Develop innovation for circular economy,
- Help eco-enterprises and laboratories in innovating in recycling and make new reusable materials,
- Link businesses seeking a solution to reuse their wastes and those who need secondary raw materials.
Logo TEAM2

The mission of the center of excellence T2M « TEXTILE MATERIALS & MODE (FASHION) » is to coordinate the economic activities of the textile and clothing sector in its territory to ensure its development in France and abroad.

 Logo ECO TLC  

As part of France's commitment to comply with the European environmental standards regarding sustainable waste management, an EPR has been set for the Clothing, Linen and Footwear (TLC in French) producers, distributors or importers.

Companies are considered responsible by law for providing or managing the recycling of their products at the end of their usage. They can either organise their own recycling program that must be approved the French authorities or contribute to an organisation accredited by law to provide for them.

Eco TLC is the only organisation accredited by the French public authorities to cover for the sector. This company is a non-for-profit private company directed by a board of industrials that aims to tend towards 100% reuse and recycling for used TLCs. The organisation was formed following the law of the 21st of December 2006 (Article L-541-10-3 of the Code de l'Environnement), ratified on the 27th June 2008. Currently, Eco TLC represents more than 93% of the industry.

Companies that have registered (and paid) to Eco TLC are free to choose whether they communicate about this contribution. A communication kit is available on the Eco TLC registered-only access. There are neither obligation nor interdiction to communicate toward the end consumer. This contribution does not change the price for the end consumer.

Through projects


Co-labelled by TEAM² and UP-tex, the CALAFIL project brings together 7 companies to produce, from their own production waste, new products brought to market by themselves.

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