The TEXTILES RECYCLING VALLEY is launching its first congress on textiles recycling which will cover several themes on the development of sustainable textiles and new recycled source materials. It will be held on 5 and 6 February 2014 at CETI, the European Centre for Innovative Textiles.

This international event will bring together experts, scientists, businesses and policy-makers. The aim is to share ideas and experiences on the latest scientific advances and enable businesses of all sizes to understand the issues better so as to develop a sustainable textiles industry with new recycled source materials and work towards a more environment-friendly society.

We expect around 200 attendees at the congress which will be structured into strategic and theme-based plenary sessions, exhibitions and specific events.

>> Registrations are closed <<


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Co-labelled by TEAM² and UP-tex, the CALAFIL project brings together 7 companies to produce, from their own production waste, new products brought to market by themselves.

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