Circular Textile Stock Exchange

Do not just dispose of your waste, remember its potential value !

This basic and free tool aims to connect buyers of secondary raw materials with the waste producers.
This is the best place to save your technical solution’s research for your industrial waste as well as your research for supplies of recycled materials.
Exchange-waste | CD2E

The offers and demands for materials are available online and you just have to register on the website to get contact information of the advertisers.
The database is provided with a search engine to ensure you to find quickly the material you want. See textiles ads
The website offers an interactive Bill Of Material of European waste codes to facilitate the registration of your ads.

The Circular Textile Stock Exchange offers a detailed sheet of information about "textiles" summarizing the information available on the subject (laws and applicable regulations, economic data, recovery methods, etc.).
It also identifies the relevant stakeholders in the sector.
Sheet of information about "textiles"

Through projects


Co-labelled by TEAM² and UP-tex, the CALAFIL project brings together 7 companies to produce, from their own production waste, new products brought to market by themselves.

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